Links to Other Great Websites

There are so many website out there devoted to plants that the selection is bewildering. We’ve left the commercial outfits out of these listings, so they won’t try to sell you anything. . .

Lets start with some botanic gardens and arboreta: -- our National Arboretum in Washington, DC—
           you “own” this one, folks -- the venerable Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in NYC -- the site for the Arnold Arboretum, first in the US -- this site lists links to most arboreta in NC and SC -- the JC Raulston Arboretum
           site, Raleigh, NC (for my money, the premier research arboretum in the
            southeast) or -- Daniel Stowe Botanic Garden near
           Charlotte, NC (a newer and up and coming arboretum) -- (downtown Atlanta, great orchid collection) -- England’s giant plant circus, a real heavy hitter in the hort. world -- a great site from Victoria, BC

Gotelli Collection
National Arboretum
Washington, DC, USA

How about some reference materials: -- the basic site for the NC Cooperative Extension Service
www.agr.georgia.vom -- the same thing for Georgia -- a northwest US site with some great plants to look at -- a list of unusual botanical
           records—oldest plant, tallest, etc. Fun! -- from Iowa, a list of Midwestern candidates
            for your garden -- NC State
            University’s photos and facts about individual native plant species --
           same as above except for the world of woody shrubs

There’s probably a site like to these available for your home state thru your cooperative extension service or your state’s agricultural college. . .

A few sites for general information and/or blogging:

Some noted plantsmen have their own sites: -- a noted botanical lecturer and world traveler speaks out -- you’ve got to check this one out! This is just one older
           gentleman in South Carolina with some help from friends!

Other important (to us) sites: -- beautiful website of the American Conifer Society -- nice pictures and short essays -- website of the Philadelphia Flower Show,
           granddaddy of garden shows in the USA