Terms of Business

    Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery is a fully licensed and inspected nursery, compliant with all regulations of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. We are fully insured. We are a Registered Pesticide Applicator for Turf and Ornamentals and Forestry categories within the state of North Carolina. Mr. Appeldoorn is a long-time Registered Plant Professional with the North Carolina Association of Nurserymen.

    We are a retail landscape nursery. North Carolina state law requires that we collect sales tax of 6.75% on all sales picked up or delivered within the state. We are also open to bona fide wholesale businesses, and will offer a courtesy discount to those in the landscape trade. Please provide the necessary required tax numbers and a tax exemption certificate when enquiring about discounts. If you need such a form, you can DOWNLOAD ONE HERE. All sales are conducted on a strictly cash basis; no credit is extended to anyone as we sell living merchandise.

    We have pickup trucks, a 10x12 flat bed dump truck and two 16-foot trailers for delivery purposes to our local customers. Larger deliveries and deliveries beyond the local range can be arranged with trucking firms. Contact us for details and delivery fees. Large specimen plants are heavy! Please have unloading labor and/or equipment available when accepting a delivery! We can send individual plants or smaller shipments via UPS, but not during the hot season. UPS delivery fees are a minimum of 20%; handling and packing fees will be extra. Sorry, but at this time we do not ship to international customers due to the extra paperwork, customs and inspections required.

    Specimen field-grown plants are best prepared during the digging season, October through May. Plants dug outside this time period are subject to a 25% surcharge to compensate for the extra preparation, watering, misting, and nutrient drenches we use. A 50% deposit is due with order on custom dug plants with the balance due upon pickup. Custom dug material will normally not be dug the day it is ordered.

    We do the best we can at all stages of growing and shipping to insure that you get the highest quality plants we can deliver. However, once the living plant leaves the nursery and its staff, we have no control over what will happen to it, or what care it will receive.

Therefore, our guarantee is as follows:

    We guarantee our plants to be true to name and in good health and condition at the time of sale. We cannot be responsible for losses or damage beyond our control. There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, on plant livability after the plant leaves the nursery or our delivery truck. If loss was experienced while being shipped with another trucker, see that trucker for compensation. All damage must be reported within 48 hours of shipment. In no case will Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery be responsible for losses in excess of the invoice amount.

    Plants that are installed by this nursery and its staff are guaranteed for one full year following the date of installation, provided that proper watering and care are given by the new owner. No guarantees on perennials. No guarantees on wholesale sales. No guarantees on the effectiveness of pesticide applications. No guarantees on custom dug landscape plants not owned by Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery.