Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery is a producer of primarily woody ornamental shrubs. We also feature some of the small-scale trees, perennials, ferns and ornamental grasses needed to complete your garden designs.

    We are very serious about the plants we offer! Every variety grown has been especially selected for durability, garden worthiness, multi-season interest, and the unique character it can bring to the landscape. We try to specialize in the best of the best, the unusual, and we focus on the smaller and slow growing species.

    Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery is a propagating nursery. This means we start vast majority of the plants we sell from cuttings taken from outstanding examples of outstanding plants. Many of these parent plants can be seen at our nursery, where you will be able to appreciate a full size individual.

    Other varieties originate at some of the best gardens and arboreta on the east coast. Because the plants are grown from rooted cuttings, we can be sure the variety we offer is clonally identical to the parent plant, and will have the exact same highly desirable qualities as displayed by the parent. For plants that cannot be reliably produced by cuttings (such as pines and cedars), we bring in young grafts from some of the top plant grafters in the nation. We are confident you will be pleased with our plants!

    Our inventory is constantly expanding with new and unusual selections being added each year. While some varieties will be brand new plants, we prefer to work with those that have proven their strong constitution and exceptional beauty through constant quality performance over many years. At many nurseries, “new” means just that—an unproven individual that shows early promise but whose long-term performance is untested. For us, a “new introduction” must be a spectacular individual with which we have several years of successful experience in our own trial gardens, a plant we have confidence in and one that we know you will be pleased with.

    Conifers are our premier product; we currently grow over 200 varieties of these beautiful needled evergreens. While we do dabble in most of the genera available, our main emphasis is with Chamaecyparis (hinoki and false cypress), Cryptomeria (Japanese cedar), Juniperus (junipers), Pinus (pines), Picea (spruce), Tsuga (hemlock), Thuja (arborvitae), Cephalotaxus (false yew), and Cedrus (cedars).




    We grow a bewildering assortment of dwarf and unusual varieties that fit in beautifully with today’s smaller gardens. We have many stunning weeping and sculptural varieties as well, that can provide an instant eye-catching focal point for a landscape display. Conifers feature many different colors, shapes and textures that look great together and also complement perennials and deciduous plants. They are tough, durable, require little watering after becoming established in the garden, and will last for many years.

    Conifers can be used to form the backbone of any garden, large or small. They are great for hedging, buffering and providing privacy. And many varieties are great as specimens by themselves or in groups of three or five. They are truly four-season plants, coming into their own in late fall and winter when so much of the garden has disappeared. From towering forest giants to diminutive ground covers and miniatures, there is a conifer that is just right for every garden and landscape situation.

    But variety is the spice of life! In addition to the conifers, we grow an exciting and colorful line of Japanese maples. Some of these charming small trees can be used in even the smallest of gardens. Japanese maples provide brilliantly colored foliage, interestingly shaped leaves, dramatic autumn colors, and an array of forms from weeping to twisted to upright. Their wintertime branch outlines can be uniquely beautiful, especially when showcased with a light covering of snow. While most varieties do best in a little shade here in the South, there are selections, such as “Tamukeyama,” that perform just fine in full sun.

    Other smaller scale trees we try to feature include Aeschulus pavia (the dwarf red buckeye), Acer griesum, (paperbark maple), dwarf selections of Betula nigra (river birch), cornelian cherry dogwood, kousa dogwoods, and some Ginkgoes.

    Among the deciduous offerings we produce are the many outstanding forms of Hydrangeas, Spireas, Viburnums, beauty berry, Clethra, flame azaleas, lilacs, Forsythia, Vitex, and Itea. Evergreen shrubs such as Abelia, dwarf boxwoods, tree ivy, hollies and Mahonia are also grown and available for your gardening pleasure.

A complete listing of the plants can be found on our Availability List section.